Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Why do you need self-moltivation?

Why do you need self-moltivation?
There is power in Self-motivation.
        Self-motivation is a combination of willpower, goal, and ability to keep trying to attain the highest level and never being satisfied until you reach your goal.                                                                                                            
            The fuel for your self-motivation lies in your ideal, dreams, and visions for your future.
ü It helps you to plan goals and how to reach them.
ü It adds excitement and enthusiasm into your life.You add zest to your life and your activity becomes much more intresting.
ü It increases your willpower which cautions you when you face obstacles or setback.You move along boldly against the challenge and adversity in your life.
ü It prepares you and also encourages  you to accept new opportunities, try new techniques and seek new adventure. In the process, you will come upon unexpected oppotunities and and rewards.
The challenges and your improved ability to deal with them improves your quality of life.
This inner strength and willpower  make you tough and build your personality. With this improvement, you will not need nor depend on others to boost or applaud your efforts as you move ahead.
ü It erases boredom and monotomy from your life because you are working towards current goals and always have further achievable goals to pursue.
ü It is a positive force to improve the quality of your own life and those around you. This leads to higher satisfaction levels, happiness and more fufillment in your life.                  

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