Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Be Motivated To Be The Best You Can Be

What is motivation? Motivation is about something within you that is compelling you to move forward, to achieve a goal, to make progress in a task.

        Motivation gives no room for comparison because it makes you a master of yourself. The fuel that ignites the fire of self-mastery is self motivation and they result in self-discovery.

        The ability to discover yourself would help you discover your best and your limits. A man must learn that he cannot command things, but he can command himself; that he cannot coerce the wills of others; but that he can mold and master his own will: and things serve him who serves truth; people seek guidance of him who is master of himself”-James Allen-

It is crucial to understand that becoming one’s best can only be achieved by believing in one’s best.

Research has shown that comparison to others is futile and can dent one’s ability to becoming one’s best.

There is no more accurate measure for comparison than who you were yesterday, last week, last year, when you were at your best. Or perhaps you know who you can be based on your values, mission and purpose.

It is believed that nothing useful ever comes from comparison to others. Either you see yourself better than someone else and you get lazy or you see someone else better than you and feel like all your efforts have come to nothing.

It is actually a fool’s game to compare oneself to another person because none of us is inherently above or below the person next to us. We are who we are. No one among us is alike and the only direct and honest comparison is within you.

Illustrated below are 3 reasons you should accept you are your own best competitor and why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.

1.  You will be self motivated:

Having an image of your most recent past limits is the best thing to push you to the next level. If you happen to get 40% last semester, then you can go for 80% this semester. Who cares about that guy next to you that had 90% or 100%? It doesn’t make any difference. Your own progress is all you need and it is right within you.

2.  You will always be your personal best:

If you commit to a higher standard of yourself every day, you will always be at the top of your game. And that game will only get better each day.

When Donald Trump went bankrupt, he was asked how it was become wealthy again, “He said the first time was by far the most difficult. Once you have done it, you know what’s possible and then it is just a matter of doing it again. Show yourself what you are capable of”.

3.  You will be your own coach:

Don’t worry about others, when it comes to progress, they don’t matter anyway. What matter is that we all have our unique dreams, goals, and desires. And then taking actions and building the habits necessary to live those dreams. No one else wants exactly what you want, and so why compare to them?

 “The path of the crowd is one flowing with the “Who’s better” mentality”.  -Robert Frost-

The question now is “After you have done your best, what else?”The answer is to be happy at your best.

Achieving progress is like driving a car. It is important to be observing the side views and the rear view but it is very bad to focus on these views, instead you focus on your front view in order to move forward.

    Success progress is pertinent to the illustration above in the sense that it is important to observe the progress of people coming behind us and beside us but not advisable to focus on these people and instead you focus on where you are going in order to achieve progress without distractions.

                                    Written by: Sojobi Ahmed Abiola

BSc. Electrical Electronics Engineering

Bells University of Technology Ota



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